Snow Plowing

Our Snow Plowing Contractors

We have hired Ken Johnson (KEJ Enterprises) to do our snow plowing. Ken is a local contractor from Mahtomedi. He has been plowing the City of Dellwood for about ten years. He also plows for the City of Birchwood.  Attached below is the current snow plowing policy.

In the event of a large snowfall he will be backed up by our grading contractors Brian and Steve Kline (Kline Brothers Excavating) and Rick and Adam Buberl (Rick Buberl & Son Black Dirt). The Kline's and Buberl's are both from Grant.

We are very fortunate to have these three local contractors working with the city. They have all offered their services at a significant savings to the city. We will be getting about 30% more plowing for the same budgeted amount. They are all bringing more to the job than equipment for a fee, they are all trying to give a little something back to support the community that they live in.

Please be patient with these contractors, help them by keeping garbage cans, cars etc out of their way and most importantly thank them for their hard work when you see them. It means a lot to the road workers when they get a friendly wave or a thumbs up when you drive by them.

We will all work hard together to give the city the best snow plowing service possible.

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