City Council

Grant is a Statutory City governed by a five-member Council consisting of a Mayor and four Council Members. Each member is elected for a four-year term. Grant has a "Weak Mayor-Council" plan of governance, whereby each member has an equal vote with no member having more power than another. The Mayor acts as presiding officer at Council meetings and has additional minor duties. No individual Council Member holds specific administrative powers. Grant is a Fourth Class City as defined by its population.

The Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month at the Town Hall. The duties of the Council are to review and rule on agenda items presented to them such as applications for rezoning, conditional use permits, variances, subdivisions, plat approvals, etc.


Jeff Huber

9520 Joliet Avenue N, Grant MN 55082
Phone: 651-470-9039
Term expires: 2020

Council Members

Loren Sederstrom

9330 107th Street N, Grant MN 55082
Phone: 651-653-4442
Term Expires: 2018

Larry Lanoux

9711 Keswick Avenue N, Grant MN 55082
Phone: 651-485-7574
Term expires: 2018

Tom Carr

9550 Joliet Ave, Grant MN 55082
Phone: 651-303-8001
Term expires: 2020

Denny Kaup

111 Wildwood Road, Willernie MN 55090
Phone: 651-426-3383
Term expires: 2020