City of Grant Photo Gallery: Official Rules

Photo Gallery Rules

Now you can share your favorite City of Grant images online. Here is your chance to show the rest of the world what we in the City of Grant love so much - our great natural beauty! All you need to do is submit your pictures in to us. Please read through the following rules and continue below.

Image Usage

Images may not be reproduced for commercial use.

  • All pictures must be at least 500 x 360 pixels (equivalent to a 7 x 5 inch snapshot at 72 lines per inch).
  • All pictures must be taken in the City of Grant.
  • The City of Grant reserves the right to choose which pictures will be displayed on the web.
  • Do not send pictures of identifiable people for legal reasons.
  • Remember, these are shots to emphasize the beauty and diversity of the City of Grant, MN. So, try to submit photos that do just that. Good luck.

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