Animal Control

The City of Grant utilizes a private company for pickup of stray dogs.  There is a fee for all pickups and impound of the animals.
If you have found a dog, please call the Washington County Sheriff’s Department non-emergency number (651-439-9381), and the City office at 651-426-3383. There is also a resident Animal Control contact, Tina Lobin at 651-653-8871.  Calling these various agencies can expedite locating the owner of the lost animal.
If an animal pickup is needed, the animal is taken to Hillcrest Animal Hospital at 1320 County Road D in Maplewood, 651-484-7211. If an owner does in fact have a dog at Hillcrest, all fees and impound charges must be paid in full to Hillcrest.
If you have lost a dog please call the Sheriff’s Department and ask if an animal has been reported, the City Office, Hillcrest Animal Hospital, and the resident Animal Control contact.
There are also websites available to post lost animals: Animal Humane Society; Craig's ListLost dogs MN facebook; Pet Finder.
The City highly recommends having a personalized dog/cat tags on your pets collar to also expedite finding the owner.